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Dear Visitor

Welcome to Extension! As a focused, yet high-spirited company with over a decade of serving clients in the Government IT industry, Extension maintains a strong focus on further developing its valued industry network, one that has proven to be critical in achieving our clients' mission. Building on the foundation of our corporate mission, Extension management, staff, and associates are delving deeper into our clients' industries, enhancing programs through strategic relationships. Our dedication to a "no fluff" business model combined with a vital connection to key partners provides us with the innovation and agility required to succeed in the technology industry's relentless march forward.

Those who know me and are aware of my passion for golf wouldn't be surprised to know that the game inspired my company's name. Why? The way I see it, the best advice you'll hear on the golf course is to make the club an extension of your body. The well-orchestrated combination of the body's strength and mobility along with a properly fitted club can launch a ball to great and often unanticipated distances. The same concept drives our corporate mission. By acting as an extension to your existing marketing resources, our company provides you with the impeccable service, specialized focus, and access to creative talent that you need to move marketing results well beyond your expectations. In short, you provide the vision and we'll provide the follow-through. Our aim, quite simply, is to be your most valued business partner.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email or phone if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Courtney Jewell Beveridge
Extension Group

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